Noble Foods Home Delivery

Refunds, Returns & Replacement Policy

Customers must contact Noble Foods to request a return of product.

All requests will be treated objectively with fair practices applied to result in a resolute outcome between both customer and Noble Foods.

Customers in turn will be asked the Nature of the return of product.

If the product is to be found subject to 'not fit for purpose' and the product is returned in full or 90% entirety, then a refund, replacement, substitute product equal in value or greater than, free, or full refund on the product shall be offered to the customer.

If the customer has mistakenly purchased the wrong product then unfortunately due to food safety regulations, we are unable to accept any return, unless at the point of Product Delivery Hand Over.

If the product has been 60%-100% consumed, then no Return, Replacement or Refund will be entertained by Noble Foods.

Personal taste or like or dislike of product will also not be entertained by Noble Foods.

Zero Contact Delivery